We have the pleasure to invite you to join the 5th Meeting of the Spanish Network of Systems Biology (REBS), the theme of which will be this time

Fostering Systems and Synthetic Biology in Southern Europe

The meeting will take place in the premises of the National Center of Biotechnology in Madrid, starting on December 13th and finishing on December 15th. The event will be funded by the CSIC, the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation as well as by the TARPOL and EMERGENCE Networks of the EC.

The meeting will bring together a panel of high-level speakers, mostly from Research Centers south the Alps or with a southern european/mediterranean background -but working in other countries. The objective of this meeting is to communicate frontline research in the fields of Systems/Synthetic Biology and to foster synergies between often fractionated SB communities in the extended southerly regions of Europe.

REBS Organizing Committe

  • Victor de LorenzoNational Centre of Biotechnology CNB-CSIC, Madrid
  • Santiago ElenaInstitute of Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology CSIC, Valencia
  • Marta CascanteUniversity of Barcelona
  • Juan PoyatosNational Centre of Biotechnology CNB-CSIC, Madrid
  • Florencio PazosNational Centre of Biotechnology CNB-CSIC, Madrid
  • Manuel CanovasUniversity of Murcia
  • Javier BucetaParc Cientific de Barcelona

Important dates:

  • Registration deadline:November 10th
  • Payment deadline:November 15th
  • Meeting:December 13th to December 15th


Systems Biology Program @CNB-CSIC

c/ Darwin, 3 - 28049 Madrid - Spain