Manuel Canovas
Canovas, Manuel
University of Murcia
Murcia, Spain
Title: Systemics of leukemic cell lines: understanding multi-drug resistance and apoptosis
Authors: C. Bernal, A. Sevilla, A. Ruiz, E. Martin-Orozco, J.L. Iborra and M. Cánovas .
Abstract:The aim of this work was the determination of the differences in metabolic behaviour between multidrug-resistant and drug-sensitive cancer cells when cold apoptosis is induced in order to provide an initial approach to their metabolic features and their further correlation with certain signaling molecules involved in the process. One cancer cell line, L1210 (sensitive to chemotherapeutic drugs), and two derived sublines, L1210R (daunomicyn resistant) and CBMC-6 (L1210 transfected with the P-gp protein, disturbing trans-membrane transport of chemotherapeutics) were used. Every cell line was exposed to temperatures below 4 OC for several hours and metabolome analysis and specific variable determinations were carried out for several sampling times. The experiments carried out in this work showed clear differences between the metabolic profiles of the cell lines used during cold-induced apoptosis which might be useful in the design of new drugs or treatments against chemotherapy resistance.

Acknowledgements: This work was supported by MICINN project BIO2008-04500-C02-01/ and Séneca CARM project 08660/PI/08.

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