Philippe Marliere
Marliere, Philippe
Industriepark Höchst
Frankfurt, Germany
Title: Automated evolution of micro-organisms and their genomes
Authors: Philippe Marliere.
Abstract:Genetic recomposition lies at the core of synthetic biology, be it by rectifying or inserting parts of the genome in common host species, or, in the long run, by rewriting entire genomic texts. Methods for assembling synthetic DNA oligomers into artificial sequences are progressing steadily, while methods for inferring such artificial sequences and reliably specifying phenotypes are still lacking. A combinatorial approach for recomposing the genomes of microbial cells through the accumulation of mutations under conditions of permanent proliferation and selection will be presented. Emphasis will be put on an automated cultivation device for evolving the usage of unnatural building-blocks and the establishment of core metabolic pathways with no natural counterparts.

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