Jesús Vicente
Vicente-Carbajosa, Vicente
Centro de Biotecnología y Genomica de Plantas (UPM-INIA)
Madrid, Spain
Title: Exploring regulatory interactions in the Arabidopsis transcriptome
Authors: Vicente-Carbajosa J, Van P, Tenenbaum D, Medina J, Reiss D and Baliga N
Abstract:Plants during development encounter different environmental challenges that affect growth and productivity. Developmental changes and responses to environmental stresses are associated with precise programmes of gene expression wired into complex regulatory networks, ultimately under control of specific transcription factors (TFs). Availability of numerous transcriptomic data has enabled the identification of gene coexpression clusters linked to particular processes. However, information about regulatory relationships is still scare. We have explored TF combinatorial interactions to regulate transcription of Arabidopsis genes using a biclustering approach (cMonkey) and a network inference procedure (Inferelator). Two regulatory networks, one based on abiotic stress responses and other including developmental and environmental cues are proposed.

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